George Reeves 1/6th figure modification


Produced by UnleashedViper Customs Creations in the Philippines, this George Reeves 1/6th scale figure is something that many hardcore Superman fans have been begging for.  The company first made the announcement in 2016 and gradually revealed its progress along the way.

The craftsmanship was fantastic, although I still saw some necessary modification that needed to happen to this figure.  Here is a step-by-step tale of what I did to hopefully steer this figure closer to accuracy.



The final variants of the George Reeves figure that UnleashedViper Customs Creations released were: 1) dark blue spandex outfit, 2) light blue spandex outfit, 3) blue cotton outfit, and 4) a black and white version.  I ordered the blue cotton version with the omission of the ‘S’ symbols.  I’ll explain this below.

I had purchased a ZC Toys body, that was originally supposed to be used for another custom figure, so I just ordered the costume, boots and cape.


Although nicely crafted, I wasn’t happy with the yellow plastic dome-like belt buckle.  The George Reeves costumes had a flat brass belt buckle so this needed to be changed for accuracy.

First, I carefully removed the existing buckle.  Fortunately, it was only adhered with a tacky glue.  After cleaning off the glue residue from the buckle and the belt, I whittled down the dome with a craft blade.

Turning it over to reveal the flat side, I painted the buckle with bronze paint so that it would resemble the darker brass look of the actual buckle worn by George Reeves.

I re-glued it to the belt (former dome side down) and tested to see what it looked like on the figure after it dried.


It was a close resemblance to the actual pattern used for the first George Reeves costumes (both black & white and color… the pattern changed for the 1956 season) but it wasn’t quite right…  enough so that it really bothered me.

Because of this, I ordered a costume with no ironed on symbols.  I created a pattern (to proper scale) in Photoshop and printed it backwards on the back of a sheet of red “velvet paper.”

Cutting out two symbols (one to be used for the cape) I glued them each to a piece of yellow fabric…

…then fabric glued them to the costume and cape.


The company claimed that the boots were custom made for the figure by an artist.  In actuality, they turned out to be re-cast from Hot Toys Christopher Reeve boots.  This needed some work.

Since the Hot Toys Christopher Reeve boots were actually shorter than they should have been, they ended up being a perfect height for George Reeves boots.  I began by adding epoxy putty to raise the inner “V” height and shape.

After sanding the putty areas down to be contoured with the existing boots, I cut out heels from an old credit card, glued them in their rough form to the heel of the boots, then whittled and sanded them into shape.

Then, after masking off the soles, I gave them gradual coats of red acrylic paint and began coating them with red flocking powder. I continued to add a few coats here and there, pressing the flocking into the paint to make it all look even without over saturation.

I then painted the soles and the heels black and added the “boot lines” at the top.


After some work, the revised George Reeves figure is ready for display.

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