Hasbro Winner’s Circle NASCAR Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 1/64th scale car (1998)

Here’s a Winner’s Circle NASCAR 1/64th scale car. Released by Hasbro in 1998, this is a replica of the vehicle that was driven by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. during the cross-promotion with the Superman character. The die cast car comes with a photo trading card of Dale Earnhardt, Jr.


Hot Wheels DC Universe Superman vehicle (2011)

Here is one of the vehicles in DC Comics’ ongoing relationship with Mattel. This Hot Wheels DC Universe Superman vehicle, released in 2011, has a sleek design and a red molded cape-like spoiler. It’s painted in a metallic blue with…

Corgi Juniors SuperVan (1978)

Here is a 1/64th scale Corgi Juniors SuperVan that was produced in 1978 and made in Great Britain.  This silver toy van was modeled after a Chevrolet and has blue translucent windshield and windows. Its sides feature an image of Superman flying next to a cityscape and the modified…


Matchbox Superman Returns 5-pack vehicle set (2006)

The motion picture Superman Returns in 2006 came with an onslaught of collectibles. This is a Matchbox 5-pack vehicle set that contains A news live truck, a taxi cab, a tour shuttle, a police car, and a Daily Planet helicopter.

Although the helicopter is of its own design, its red and white color scheme is clearly an homage to…


Hot Wheels Man of Steel vehicle (2014)

From the Mattel Hot Wheels 2014 collection came this Man of Steel movie tie-in. This newly crafted 1:64 scale vehicle was simply called “Man of Steel” and featured a flowing cape-like design at its back and the Man of Steel movie ‘S’ symbol on its hood. Other vehicles in the line were…


Mattel Batman v Superman Hot Wheels Superman & Metropolis PD (2016)

Here is a Mattel Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Hot Wheels Superman & Metropolis PD car. This set was released in 2016 and features…