Ben Cooper Superman costume (1970)

This is the 1970 version of the Ben Cooper Superman costume with its original box. The costume features flame retardant materials and comes with a vinyl cape and plastic “domino” mask. It’s amazing to me that these costumes cost only $2.96 at the time. This version of the costume continued to be sold through the early 1970s until they revised the costume’s material and included a face mask instead of the domino mask.

Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #100 (1970)

Here is a copy of Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane number 100 cover dated April 1970. In this issue, Lois is tried for the murder of Lana Lang in a story called “Lois Lane’s Last Mile”. Batman takes the position of Lois’ attorney and Superman questions Lois on the stand. As the plot unfolds, the reader discovers that…