Atari 2600 Superman Game instructions and cartridges (1979)

Happy Superman Day everyone!

Although I don’t have an original box… yet… this is an original Atari 2600 Superman Game instructions as well as two game cartridges. The cartridge on the left is the original version and the one on the right is the version that was released soon after with the Superman graphical treatment as seen on the box cover and instruction booklet.

Limited Collectors’ Edition vol. 4 no. C-38 Superman (1975)

DC Comics was all about publishing these great treasury sized books back in the day. This is a copy of Limited Collectors’ Edition vol. 4 no. C-38 which presents Superman. This wonderful book contains reprints of several Superman stories of previous eras, drawing lessons, a pin-up of Superman drawn by…

Mego Superman figure (1971)

This is a Mego Superman figure produced in 1971 and is among the first run of Mego’s World’s Greatest Super Heroes line. I had been gifted this Superman figure as a child (one of two) and loved it so much that I played with it almost non-stop along with the other Mego DC and Marvel heroes that I had at the time. The other Superman figure…

Amazing World of Superman Exhibition poster (1973)

In 1972, Metropolis Illinois obtained rights from DC Comics to officially declare their town “The Home of Superman.” They had big plans at the time which included a multi-million dollar “Amazing World of Superman” theme park that would have featured a 200-foot-tall Superman statue. The following year, Metropolis hosted a grand event which featured a model and drawings of…

Ben Cooper Superman costume (1970)

This is the 1970 version of the Ben Cooper Superman costume with its original box. The costume features flame retardant materials and comes with a vinyl cape and plastic “domino” mask. It’s amazing to me that these costumes cost only $2.96 at the time. This version of the costume continued to be sold through the early 1970s until they revised the costume’s material and included a face mask instead of the domino mask.

Wilton Superman Candle Holder Set (1979)

A perfect birthday cake topper for Superman fans! This is a Superman Candle Holder Set produced by Wilton (a division of The Pillsbury Company) in 1979. The box comes with candle holders and plastic buildings, which include the Daily Planet, that are designed to be arranged on a cake. It also comes with a plastic flat Superman figure in a flying pose that can be…

Corgi Juniors Supermobile (1979)

Here it is! The Corgi Juniors Superman vehicle often talked about by fans. This is the 1:64 Supermobile produced in 1979. This is the only Superman vehicle that was custom sculpted in the Corgi Juniors line. Although it has fake ‘bumps” for wheels, this Supermobile did come with a special feature. the fists are spring loaded so when you push them back…

Avon Superman Bubble Bath (1978)

Produced by Avon in 1978 was this Superman Bubble Bath. This figural container features a bold image of Superman standing atop buildings with his arms folded. The upper torso of the figure serves as the bottle’s cap cover and has a plastic cape.

Famous 1st Edition Action Comics #1 (1974)

In honor of Superman’s 80th birthday and the anniversary of the first edition of Action Comics!

This is a treasury sized comic titled Famous 1st Edition Action Comics #1. Published in 1974, this is a large reprint of the first appearance of Superman. DC Comics published numerous “1st Edition” treasury comics including Superman #1, Detective Comics #27, Batman #1, Sensation Comics #1, and Wonder Woman #1.


Super Friends Sneakers card (1974)

DC Comics and Hanna-Barbera licensed specific merchandising as tie-ins to the hit 1970s Saturday morning cartoon Super Friends. One of those items was Super Friends Sneakers in 1974. This is an insert card that came with the box of sneakers featuring the artwork of…