Mego Bend ’n Flex Superman 5” figure (1973)

This is a Mego Bend ’n Flex Superman figure. Produced in 1973, this molded rubber figure is 5-inches tall and has wires within it that allow the figure’s limbs to be bent and moderately posed. The figure’s short cape is also…


PrestoMagiX Dry Transfer Game #1 and #2 (1979)

Due to the success of the Superman Saves Metropolis dry transfer game that was produced in 1978, Presto Magix released a series of smaller Superman themed games that unfolded to reveal three scenes. Here are two of them. The first in the series was called Superman Blasts Off Krypton where the panels depict Jor-El and Lara sending baby Kal-El off in his rocketship as Krypton is destroyed. The second in the series is titled…

Movieland Wax Museum Superman postcard (1979)

Since Superman: The Movie was released in December of 1978, the following year saw the realization of numerous merchandise and licensing. One of which was the unveiling of a Superman: The Movie exhibit at Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park California. When you walked into the room you were greeted with John Williams’ grand Superman theme and a likeness of Christopher Reeve in an authentic…


“Breaking Chains” Superman glass mug (1978)

Produced in 1978 was this great Superman Glass Mug which features not only the Superman cover logo, but it also features the now classic image of Superman breaking chains designed by Neal Adams. The only other markings on the mug are TM & © DC Comics, Inc. 1978.


The Making of Superman: The Movie pocketbook (1978)

Published in 1978 by Warner Books was this fantastic pocketbook simply titled The Making of Superman: The Movie. This two hundred twenty-four page book, written by David Michael Petrou, covers the production of the now classic film in great detail. Page nine begins the tale of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster as they shopped Superman around and continues through…


Action Comics #500 (1979)

Welcome to the 500th Superman Collectible on this WordPress site!

In celebration, here is a copy of Action Comics number 500 published in 1979. It features a dynamic cover by Ross Andrew and Dick Giordano. On the cover are Superman, Lois Lane, and Supergirl referring to copy of the 500th issue. These types of covers are known as “infinity covers” since they appear to go on forever. The issue itself contains…


Mad magazine #208 (1979)

Cover dated July 1979, this is an issue of Mad magazine that features a parody of Superman: The Movie. It features the cover artwork of longtime Mad Magazine contributor Jack Rickard. The eight page parody in this issue, called Superduperman, was written by Larry Siegel and art by Mort Drucker. It opens with a hilarious take on…