Nasta Super Powers Superman sunglasses (1984)

Produced in 1984 were these Nasta Super Powers Superman sunglasses. Made to fit a child’s head, these sunglasses were molded in blue plastic and have a molded ’S’ symbol.

As with many of these sunglasses…


The Best of DC No. 12 Superman in Time and Space (1981)

In the days before comic book sized trade paperback compilation books (commonly mistaken as “graphic novels” which is something entirely different) comic companies published digest sized books which were comprised of previously published stories.

This is an issue of The Best of DC No. 12 which features compilation of Superman stories and is collectively titled, Superman in Time and Space. This 100 page digest book from 1981 contains…

Superman: Miracle Monday novel (1981)

Produced by Warner Books in 1981, this was the second in a series of Superman novels. the first was Superman: Last Son of Krypton. This book tells the tale of a criminal named C.W. Saturn who has a maniacal laugh and a penchant for chaos. As the synopsis reads, “the superhero now stripped of his Clark Kent alias and fighting an enemy whose…

Superman #400 (1st series) (1984)

To mark the 400th Superman collectible I’ve added to this virtual exhibit, this is the 400th issue of the first comic book series of Superman.  Published in 1984, this anniversary issue contains a heaping helping of writers and artists including the likes of Ray Bradbury, John Byrne, Steve Ditko, Mike Grell, Jack Kirby…

Superman: The Movie VHS tape (1986)

This is a copy of a Superman: The Movie VHS tape released in 1986 by Warner Home Video.  Unlike today’s world where the home video versions of films are released a month after they leave the theaters, it took eight years for this film to be available to the public.

This tape racked up some serious mileage in its time since I would play it over and over again.