Superman II VHS tape (1987)

The 1980 motion picture Superman II, starring Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent / Superman, was released on home video. This is the VHS release of the movie that was sold in 1987 by Warner Home Video, the same year as my copy of the home video release of Superman III and the theatrical release of Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.


Superman III VHS tape (1987)

Released in 1987 by Warner Home Video, Superman III (released in 1983) was finally available on Betamax and VHS. This is the VHS version of the “digitally processed” home video. The cover is a direct lift from the official lobby poster featuring an artistic interpretation of …

One Stop Posters Superman bookmark (1987)

Released in 1987 was this Superman bookmark that says, “This page saved by Superman.” Produced by One Stop Posters and, as you can tell by their name, the company made great posters in their day and even had the license to produce posters of Disney characters and other movie related characters.

The Best of DC No. 12 Superman in Time and Space (1981)

In the days before comic book sized trade paperback compilation books (commonly mistaken as “graphic novels” which is something entirely different) comic companies published digest sized books which were comprised of previously published stories.

This is an issue of The Best of DC No. 12 which features compilation of Superman stories and is collectively titled, Superman in Time and Space. This 100 page digest book from 1981 contains…

Superman: Miracle Monday novel (1981)

Produced by Warner Books in 1981, this was the second in a series of Superman novels. the first was Superman: Last Son of Krypton. This book tells the tale of a criminal named C.W. Saturn who has a maniacal laugh and a penchant for chaos. As the synopsis reads, “the superhero now stripped of his Clark Kent alias and fighting an enemy whose…