Cracked magazine Super #11 (1996)

On the cover of this issue of Cracked magazine Super #11, published in the summer of 1996, you’ll find DC Comics characters facing off against Marvel Comics characters in quite an unusual way. The cover was illustrated by Rurik Tyler who has done a lot of work for Marvel over the years. This magazine is full of reprinted superhero (and non-superhero) parodies from Cracked magazine’s archive as well as a new story (at the time) called “The Marvel versus DC Battles” which parodies the then storylines where DC and Marvel characters fought each other which then lead to…

Wizard magazine October 1999 (1999)

Here is another unopened Wizard magazine. This copy is cover dated October 1999 and features the bold artwork of Ed McGuinness on the cover. An article in the magazine briefly covers the plans DC Comics had for the upcoming Y2K storyline. (Wow, that seems so long ago now.) There is also coverage about…

Warner Bros. Studio Store Superman Bean Bag figure (1998)

In its day, the Warner Bros. Studio Store was a treasure trove of goodies. As a Superman fan, I found myself spending quite a long time in the store looking at all the collectibles. One of my acquisitions there back in 1998 was this Superman Bean Bag figure which stands at 10.5 inches tall. The interesting thing about this stuffed figure is that only the upper torso, shoulders, and lower legs are filled with “beans” and the rest is filled with fiber.

Comic Book Champions pewter Superman sculpture (1996)

This is a Comic Book Champions pewter Superman sculpture that was produced in 1996. It features a fantastic sculpture of Superman lifted directly from the cover art of Superman #1 in 1939. Behind the figurine is a small framed card featuring the cover art itself along with its details on the back of the card. This pewter sculpture was part of the DC Comics Premier Series. Comic Book Champions is a trademark of Racing Champions, Inc.