Metropolis Illinois “I Am Superman” patch (1990s)

This “I Am Superman” patch was available everywhere in Metropolis Illinois beginning in the 1990s. Its bold Superman ‘S’ symbol really pops within its red and blue surroundings. In hindsight, in all my years of visiting the Superman Celebration in those days, I’m saddened that I didn’t think to buy more than one of these.


Superman pillow (handmade) (C. 1994)

Back in the early 1990s, my Aunt Betty had been very involved in sewing. You name it, she made it… anything from dolls, to quilts, and dresses. She knew that I was a fan of Superman since I was a child and that I grew into a collector as well.

One Christmas, she gave me a gift that I didn’t expect… a Superman pillow made from a fabric that was sold at the time. The front side features…

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet poster (1994)

The poster features Superman (in his then long, flowing hair) swooping in to save Lois Lane from a barrage of bullets. The poster on the wall beside Superman possibly explains why the attempt on Lois’ life is taking place. This wonderful work of art was painted by artist/sculptor Joe DeVito who also worked on…