Superman Celebration magnet (1997)

During the annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis Illinois many vendors sell officially licensed memorabilia. This is a magnet that was produced in 1997 that is 3.5 inches in diameter. The magnet was produced by Magnetic Collectables, Ltd.


Play-by-Play Superman Flying Disk (1997)

Among the multitude of merchandise created to promote Superman: The Animated Series was this Superman Flying Disc. In 1997 this plastic disc, made in China, was released by Play-by-Play Toys and Novelties in San Antonio Texas.

The disc is seemingly sculpted to resemble…

Wizard magazine April 1997 (1997)

This is an unopened copy of Wizard magazine from April of 1997. The featured story is of none other than the “Electric Blue Superman.” The cover boldly features Superman in his then new blue and white containment suit.
The writer of the cover blurb was spot-on when claiming…