Warner Bros. Studio Store Superman pen (1997)

Sold in 1997 at the wonderful Warner Bros. Studio Store was this Superman pen still in its original box. It’s a fairly standard blue cased ball point pen and has a great enameled image of a Bruce Timm version of Superman on its clip straight out of Superman: The Animated Series which was airing at the time.

Superman Coin Holder Key Chain (1997)

Many collectibles were produced in conjunction with the 1990s television show Superman: The Animated Series. This is a Superman Coin Holder Keychain from 1997. It’s a yellow leather-like rear zippered pouch that was designed to resemble a bolt of lightning. The printed color design on its face says…

Warner Bros. Studio Store Superman bust bank (1997)

This Superman bust bank was sold exclusively at the Warner Bros. Studio Store back in 1997. One of the many products promoting Superman: The Animated Series, this bank stands at eight and a half inches tall, is made of vinyl, and depicts Superman in his often seen act of breaking chains.

Play-by-Play Superman Flying Disk (1997)

Among the multitude of merchandise created to promote Superman: The Animated Series was this Superman Flying Disc. In 1997 this plastic disc, made in China, was released by Play-by-Play Toys and Novelties in San Antonio Texas.

The disc is seemingly sculpted to resemble…

Wizard magazine April 1997 (1997)

This is an unopened copy of Wizard magazine from April of 1997. The featured story is of none other than the “Electric Blue Superman.” The cover boldly features Superman in his then new blue and white containment suit.
The writer of the cover blurb was spot-on when claiming…