Whitman’s assorted chocolates Superman tins (1998)

The popular chocolate company Whitman’s produced these 1 3/4 ounce tin boxes of assorted chocolates back in 1998. The tins came in two styles. One was a blue tin with a Superman ’S’ symbol on it and the other was an image of Superman flying in the style of artist Bruce Timm. This was a tie-in to the then running Superman: The Animated Series. Each tin of chocolates was sold separately.


I Love Lucy: The Classics Volume 4 VHS (1998)

This is an I Love Lucy: The Classics Volume 4 VHS released in 1998 featuring two episodes of the 1950s television series I Love Lucy starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Although no image of Superman appears on the cover, this VHS contains an episode titled “Lucy and Superman” in which Ricky Ricardo plans on having Superman attend little Ricky’s birthday party. When there is news that he may not be able to make it, Lucy…

Kenner JLA Superman Red figure (1998)

In 1998, Kenner released this Superman Red figure at the same time as their Superman Blue figure. This was a new addition to the line that was produced (along with several re-released figures from Kenner’s Total Justice from 1996) under the banner of JLA (Justice League of America). The figure came with…

Inchworm Press Superman Read-Along Book and Tape Set “Toy Trouble” (1998)

Carrying on the tradition of book and record/tape sets, Inchworm Press produced this one in 1998. Superman: Toy Trouble tells the tale of the dastardly villain Toyman and his “Pocket Locket Patrol Pets” who are out to do Winslow Shott’s bidding… steal! The “Patrol Pets” are tiny robotic turtles who stop at nothing to steal wallets, jewelry, and anything else they can get their metallic hands on.

The Batman Superman Movie VHS tape (1998)

In 1997, Warner Bros. released a direct to home video animated feature that finally connected the Bruce Timm Batman and Superman universes.  The Batman Superman Movie beautifully blended the different personalities of both characters and had a very interesting take on their first meeting.

This is the 1998 version of the VHS home video released by Warner Bros. Family Entertainment in a “clam shell” case.  The movie was later titled…