Kurt S. Adler Superman ornament (2000)

Although Hallmark has had numerous Superman ornaments over the years, Kurt S. Adler, Inc. has had their share. This painted resin Superman ornament features the Man of Steel in his classic bold flight pose and has a gold thread loop to hang it from a tree or anywhere.

Warner Bros. Studio Store Superman “Patriotic” pen (2000)

Another Superman collectible from the Warner Bros. Studio Store was this Superman “Patriotic” pen produced in 2000. The main body of the pen is decorated in red and white stripes and the cap is blue and decorated with white stars. A figure of the animated series version of Superman is attached to the cap in a dynamic flying pose.

Superman tin box (2000)

Produced in 2000 by the Tin Box Company, this is a lunchbox style Superman tin. The lid is embossed and features artwork of Superman breaking chains. Unlike the old Thermos lunch boxes…