Schyling Superman tin phone booth bank (2001)

This Schyling Superman tin phone booth bank, sold in 2001, stands at 8.5 inches tall. The easily removable lid has a slot in it where you can deposit either coins or bills. What makes this bank so interesting is that there is different artwork on all four sides sequentially showing…


2001 Metropolis Illinois Superman Celebration T-Shirt (2001)

Here is the commemorative T-shirt for the 2001 Superman Celebration in Metropolis Illinois. The special guests in 2001 were Jeff East (Clark Kent), Valerie Perrine (Miss Eve Teschmacher), Sarah Douglas (Ursa), Jack O’Halloran (Non), and the first lady of Metropolis Noel Neill.

2001 Metropolis Illinois Superman Celebration program flier (2001)

Every year during the Superman Celebration in Metropolis Illinois, program fliers are given out. This is the program for the 23rd annual celebration in 2001. Among the many, many festivities that year were a Superman Drama on the main tent stage, film festivals hosted by film historian John Field featuring a 50th anniversary tribute to the Adventures of Superman episode called…


Superman Whistle Clock Lanyard (2001)

Sold at the Warner Bros. Studio Store, this whistle on a lanyard was released in 2001. Not only is it a useful tool to alert someone in an emergency, but it also has a built-in basic digital clock. The lanyard features Velcro-like ends for easy removal and has repetitive images of an ’S’ symbol with a Bruce Timm style Superman above each of them.


TV Guide issue December 8-14, 2001 (2001)

During the intense promotion for the television series Smallville back in 2001, TV Guide published four alternate covers of their December 8-14, 2001 issue. This is a copy of the fourth cover in the series featuring the phenomenal artwork of Alex Ross. The other covers (which I also have) featured…


Scott Cranford 8×10 framed photo (2001) – signed

Since 1979 the town of Metropolis Illinois, called the Home of Superman, has held an annual Superman Celebration every second weekend in June. From 2000 to 2007 Scott Cranford (actor, writer, artist) had the distinction of portraying the official Superman of Metropolis. Scott is an all around nice guy with a warm heart and an excellent choice for the role. He is not only a superhero fan but…


Highgate Products Superman Temporary Tattoos (2000/2001)

In the 1990s, temporary tattoos were quite popular and the trend carried over into the early 2000s. These packets of Superman Temporary Tattoos were both produced by Highgate Products and were created to help promote Superman: The Animated Series. One packet was released in…