Superman Crazy Foam (Justice League animated series) (2003)

The Crazy Foam canisters of DC Comics superheroes returned in 2003 as part of the marketing for the Justice League animated series. This is the Superman Crazy Foam canister that, unlike its 1974 predecessor, has a rubber head with the standard hole in its mouth where the bath foam comes out of. Also unlike the original, this can offered half an ounce more of soap, upping it from 6.5 oz. to 7 oz.


Metropolis Illinois Superman Celebration 25 Years pin and ribbon (2003)

During the 2003 Superman Celebration in Metropolis Illinois, the town was actively celebrating twenty-five years of being the “Home of Superman”. Among the various commemorative collectibles was this 25 Years pin and ribbon. Its blue pin proudly displays the ’S’ symbol along with the “25 Years” font.

Superman Birthright #1 (2003)

In a re-telling of Superman’s origin, Superman Birthright loosely borrows stories from various sources and continuities.  That, however, by no means implies that it’s a mere copy.  This first issue starts on Krypton as we see Jor-El and Lara testing ship after ship which eventually fail.  Finally, after baby Kal-El is sent off in a ship that succeeds, we are transported in time to…