BOOTLEG: “Superman” figure – China (2004*)

Another example of a bootleg figure from China, this is a “Superman” figure that has five points of articulation. It has a generically molded body so that it can, presumably, be used for other heroes. Additionally, its plastic cape is scalloped for that reason. The ’S’ symbol on the chest seems to have been painted on using a stencil. The figure is clearly loosely based on the 1996 Kenner Total Justice line of figures. This figure is made from the same mold as…


DC Direct Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Superman figure (2004)

A line of figures were released in 2004 based on the acclaimed 1986 four-issue miniseries called The Dark Knight Returns by Writer and Artist Frank Miller. This is the Superman figure that comes with damaged Batman cowl, a Kryptonite arrow, and a figure base that interlocks with other figures in the line. The figure was released under…

Justice League Unlimited Champion Checkers (2004)

Produced in 2004 was this Justice League Unlimited Champion Checkers board game. In addition to playing an ordinary checkers game, there are three other ways to play. The other games involve specially designed character game pieces featuring many of the main characters in the show like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Martian Manhunter, and The Flash (Wally West). The board game was produced by Mattel.

BOOTLEG: “Super Hero” figure set – China (2004*)

Here is a carded Super Hero figure and accessory set from China. The set features figures of Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and The Hulk. The Superman figure comes with an alien looking rifle that presumably can shoot a dart. Batman, sadly, has no accessories unless, of course, the blue alien looking backpack thing was intended for him. Spider-Man has a red rubber web and Hulk has a huge futuristic automatic rifle.

Both the Superman and Batman figures are re-sculpts that were clearly loosely based on…