Monogram Masterworks Justice League Superman figurine (2005)

Monogram, makers of many DC Comics and Marvel Comics related merchandise over the years, created special figurines for the animated series Justice League under the brand Monogram Masterworks. Produced in 2005, this is a Justice League Superman figurine sculpted in a flying pose meant as an homage to…


Vandor “Wrong” Superman ceramic mug (2005)

Vandor Superman “Wrong” mug (2005)

From the company Vandor came this Superman “Wrong” mug. It’s called “Wrong” because of the quote used in the speech balloon which says:

“I have my faults but being wrong isn’t one of them.”

I’m not sure why the makers gave Superman a variation on a quote from…

Wham-O Superman Frisbee Disc (2005)

Produced in 2005, this Wham-O Superman Frisbee Disc was the latest of several frisbees and “flying-discs” throughout history. The name “frisbee” is a registered trademark of Wham-O (who acquired the rights in 1957 from…