Vandor “Wrong” Superman ceramic mug (2005)

Vandor Superman “Wrong” mug (2005)

From the company Vandor came this Superman “Wrong” mug. It’s called “Wrong” because of the quote used in the speech balloon which says:

“I have my faults but being wrong isn’t one of them.”

I’m not sure why the makers gave Superman a variation on a quote from…


Mattel Justice League Unlimited Cyber Defenders Superman figure (2005)

Right in the middle of the run of the hit animated series Justice League Unlimited, Mattel released some great variant figures. This is a Cyber Defenders Superman figure released in 2005. The figure is painted as if wearing a darker blue suit decorated with…

Wham-O Superman Frisbee Disc (2005)

Produced in 2005, this Wham-O Superman Frisbee Disc was the latest of several frisbees and “flying-discs” throughout history. The name “frisbee” is a registered trademark of Wham-O (who acquired the rights in 1957 from…


Superman Cap Candy Spin Pop (2005)

This is a Superman Cap Candy Spin Pop released in 2005. The figural Superman was made by Hasbro and OddzOn Inc. and has a “Fresh Strawberry” Chupa Chupa lollypop in its head. The battery powered figure is designed so that…


GTO Design Studios Superman belt (2005)

This Superman belt, released in 2005, was produced by GTO Design Studios. The buckle is reminiscent of an automobile seatbelt buckle and features an ’S’ symbol. The belt is made of a thick woven nylon. The front side of the belt is blue while the other side is red.


Cinefantastique 2005 San Diego Comic-Con Guide (2005)

As part of the extensive promotion for the motion picture Superman Returns, Warner Bros. held a huge Hall H event at the 2005 San Diego Comic-Con. At the con, you could receive…


DC Direct 13-inch Superman deluxe collector figure (2005)

Here is a DC Direct 13-inch Superman deluxe collector figure. Released in 2005, this dual-sided window box contains a poseable Superman figure complete with costume, cape, boots, trunks and belt. This deluxe set also contains…