Ata-Boy Superman buttons (2008)

These are four Superman buttons originally produced by Ata-Boy in 2008. The buttons, each measuring at 1.25-inches in diameter, feature an array of designs including artwork from Jose Luiz Garcia-Lopez and Jerry Ordway. The buttons can still be found for sale at select Six Flags theme parks.

BOOTLEG: Superman figure – Mexico (C. 2008)

Here’s another bootleg Superman figure, this time from Mexico. This figure was molded in blue plastic and painted in certain areas. It has four points of articulation and has a red vinyl cape.

Unlike some other bootlegs, this was clearly designed to be a Superman figure with its large ’S’ wave hair to its sculpted ’S’ symbol area on the chest (which was covered with a sticker) and the belt. The same can’t be said for the legs which have…

Matchbox DC Super Friends Play & Learn vehicle set (2008)

Released as part of the line of DC Super Friends toys was this Matchbox Play & Learn vehicle set. Produced in 2008, this set of vehicles included a Batcopter, a Flash Pontiac car, a Superman Ford Crown Victoria Police Car (which is the same base police car used in the 2006 Superman Returns set), a Green Lantern (John Stewart) Chevy Van, and…