Bandai Justice League Superman Strawberry Lollipop (2011)

The world famous, and now worldwide, Japanese toy maker Bandai was granted the license by DC Comics to produce a series of products of their characters. This is a Justice League Superman strawberry lollipop. This limited edition lollipop has a bubble gum core. The packet also comes with DC Comics stickers.


Dr. Fresh Firefly Justice League Superman LightUp Timer toothbrush (2011)

Here’s a great Firefly LightUp Timer toothbrush made by Dr. Fresh in 2011. Unlike some if their later versions, these toothbrushes have specifically sculpted characters as their handles. When you push the button on the ’S’ symbol, red lights flash throughout the handle all the way up to…

Superman / Batman: Apocalypse Special Edition Blu-Ray and figure pack (2011)

In 2011, Warner Bros. released an action packed animated movie called Batman / Superman: Apocalypse which is based upon a storyline in the Superman / Batman comics. This is the Special Edition BluRay and figure pack which contains a Superman action figure with 5-points of articulation. In addition to the movie, the BluRay also contains various extra features including…