Bioworld Superman bi-fold wallet (2012)

Made in China for the company Bioworld, this is an officially licensed Superman bi-fold wallet complete with an inner window pocket for an ID and three pockets for other cards. The inner paper money pocket is lined with a polyester material and the outside of the wallet is made of leather. The outer design features a raised line art image of Superman with a stylized halftone motif.


Silver Buffalo “It Tickles” Superman ceramic mug (2012)

Produced under license in 2012 by Silver Buffalo, LLC. was this Superman “It Tickles” mug. This black glazed ceramic mug was designed with the cover of Superman number 32 from 1939 where Superman is struck with electricity as he says, “It tickles!” The cover art was done by the legendary Wayne Boring.

Mattel DC Comics Unlimited New 52 Superman 7-inch figure (2012)

In 2012, Mattel released a series of 7-inch figures under the banner DC Comics Unlimited. This is the Superman figure in the line which is based on the New 52 design. The figure has 19-points of articulation and has slightly shiny metallic paint finish to the blue parts of the costume.


Harper “I Can Read!” Superman Phonics Fun (2012)

In 2012 Harper, known for their successful I Can Read series of children’s books, released this Superman Phonics Fun box. The box contained twelve books of simple to read stories about Superman. The set of books worked by…


Hilco Superman Strawberry Candy Cane (2012)

In 2012, the Hilco Corporation released this Superman Strawberry Candy Cane just in time for the 2012 holiday season. This candy cane is approximately eight inches tall. On the back of the box is…


Mixo Kooky Craft Superman “Build ‘Em Yourself” figure (2012)

This Mixo Kooky Craft “Build ‘Em Yourself” Superman figure is made of embossed paper. A crafty person can punch out the parts of the figure from the enclosed sheets, fold and assemble the parts to create the completed Superman figure. No tape, scissors or glue necessary! This was the first figure in…


GROWZ Superman Grow Toy figure (2012)

Here is a Superman Grow Toy figure, released in 2012, from GROWZ which stands at 2.25 inches tall. When the figure is dunked in water, the package claims that it will grow to…