Concept One Accessories Superman ball cap (2013)

In 2013, the company Concept One Accessories produced this great looking Superman ball cap. The cap depicts selected panels from the 1959 comic Action Comics number 252 in which Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) makes her first appearance. The specific panels are from…


Sci Fi magazine Vol. 19 No. 3 (2013)

Sci Fi magazine is a publication that is directly related to the Sci Fi Channel (now known as SyFy). In the August 2013 edition (volume 19, number 3) the magazine featured a cover story on the motion picture Man of Steel. In addition to the great photos, the four page article covers the long road to production, the CGI involved in the film, and…

Monogram New 52 Superman bust bank (2013)

Monogram has been licensed by DC Comics to create banks for several years. This is a New 52 Superman bust bank from 2013 and is made of plastic. It features a 3-D look at the Jim Lee designed New 52 version of Superman complete with the black ’S’ symbol on his cape.


Mattel Man of Steel Superman (red and blue armor) figure (2013)

Among the many action figures released for the 2013 movie Man of Steel were figures that came in lesser packaging than their counterparts and did not come with accessories.

This is a Superman figure in red and blue armor which is a re-paint of the slightly more pricey “Strike Shield” figure. The figure comes with…


Toysmith Superman 3D Motion Clock (2013)

Produced in 2013 was this Superman Motion Clock by Toysmith. This wall clock requires two AA batteries and features artwork of Superman in flight on the clock face. The style of the artwork continues outside of the clock face in “3D” molded plastic. The clock’s right arm and legs…


Mattel Man of Steel Laser Sight figure (2013)

This Mattel Laser Sight Superman figure is part of the Man of Steel film toy line.  Released in 2013, this Superman figure has an all black costume with a silver ʻS’ symbol.  The figure’s eyes are…


Ata-Boy DC Comics Originals Buttons (2013)

This is a set of four buttons produced in 2013 by Ata-Boy for the DC Comics Originals brand. Each button is 1.25 inches in diameter and are of four characters: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash from the New 52 continuity.