Hallmark Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice “You Can Do Anything” birthday card (2016)

Hallmark produced this Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice “You Can Do Anything” birthday card in 2016. The cover features stylized black and white artwork of Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman against a red tinted city street scene. The cover reads, “You can do anything when you set your mind to it.” The inside of the card reads, “Can’t wait to see what this year brings!”

Rooftop Brands RC Flying Superman (2016)

Here is a motion control RC Flying Superman produced by Rooftop Brands in 2016. It comes with a “chibi” style Superman figure that has rotors coming out of its head. Included in the box is a wireless hand-held remote controller in the shape of an ’S’ symbol that has no physical controls. Instead, the operator can move the controller up, down left, or right and can guide the flying figure wherever they desire. The box specifies that the RC Superman is to be used indoors only and can be charged by using a USB cable.

Mattel Justice League Action Mighty Minis (Pack 1) (2016)

Another collectible based on the animated series Justice League Action. This is pack one of the Mighty Minis line of figures that contains Superman, Lobo, Hawkman, and Darkseid’s head which was seemingly lopped off in battle. No… actually it’s a build-a-figure piece that, when you collect all for packs in the series, connects with other pieces to create a full Darkseid Mighty Minis figure.

Hot Wheels Justice League movie Character Cars Superman vehicle (2016)

Produced in 2016 as part of the marketing for the motion picture Justice League was this great looking Hot Wheels Character Cars vehicle. The 1/64th scale die-cast car is called a “racer” and is an all original design that’s stylish and has a sculpted back portion that resembles a flowing red cape. The blue paint job has fine detail that mimics the design on Henry Cavill’s Superman suit. The card that the car is on displays…

Innovative Designs Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Superman portfolio folder (2016)

During the onslaught of merchandise for the 2016 Warner Bros. motion picture Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, there were a decent share of back-to-school items. This is a Superman portfolio folder produced by Innovative Designs, LLC. The cover features the teaser image of Henry Cavill as Superman with tear areas in the shape of a Batman logo over his eyes. On the back is artwork of…

Zimpli Kids Superman Kryptonite Green Gelli Baff and bendable figure (2016)

In 2016, the company Zimpli Kids produced this Superman Kryptonite Green Gelli Baff and bendable figure set. The “Gelli Baff” is a powder which, when added to bath water, turns it into bubbly goo. When you add the “dissolver” powder, the goo turns back into liquid and can be easily rinsed down the drain. The label says that the goo is biodegradable. The bendable figure is a re-release of the NJ Croce Superman figure produced in 2013. The figure is designed after…