7-Eleven Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Slurpee cups (1987)

Here is the entire set of eight 7-Eleven Slurpee cups that promoted the 1987 motion picture Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. The series of cups contain 1) Superman, 2) Lois Lane, 3) Daily Planet Staff, 4) Nuclear Man, 5) Lacy Warfield, 6) Lenny, 7) Lois and Superman, and 8) Nuclear Man and Lacy.

7-Eleven Superman Returns Super Big Gulp cup (2006)

Among the various Superman Returns collectibles to be acquired in 2006 was this Super Big Gulp cup from 7-Eleven. This 44 ounce cup featured a large Superman Returns ‘S’ logo on a field of blue with the movie font logo and…