Clocks Worldwide Superman digital wristwatch (2006)

This Superman digital wristwatch was released by Clocks Worldwide, LLC in 2006. The watch comes with three different faces (Superman flying, Superman posing, and an ’S’ symbol) and also comes with three different stylized bands.


TimeLink Superman Retro Alarm Clock (2004)

Here is a Superman Retro Alarm Clock by TimeLink. Produced in 2004, this clock is made of metal, has a Superman ’S’ symbol on its face, and has a blue housing. Although this clock does have a great retro style it isn’t a wind-up clock and requires two AA batteries.

Flix Candy Superman Projector Pop Ring (2006)

This Superman Projector Pop Ring was released in 2006 by Flix Candy, a division of Imaginings 3, Inc. The candy was Raspberry flavored and the ring contained a light which was activated by a button under the main housing that was pushed when you put the ring on your finger. When the button was pushed…


Accutime LCD Superman wristwatch (2017)

Accutime has been making wristwatches of DC Comics characters for a few years now. This is a LCD Superman wristwatch produced in 2017. This battery operated digital watch has simple functions (i.e. time, date, and seconds) and has a black finish and…


Dr. Fresh Firefly Justice League Superman LightUp Timer toothbrush (2011)

Here’s a great Firefly LightUp Timer toothbrush made by Dr. Fresh in 2011. Unlike some if their later versions, these toothbrushes have specifically sculpted characters as their handles. When you push the button on the ’S’ symbol, red lights flash throughout the handle all the way up to…


Superman Play-a-Sound book (1999)

Here is a Superman Play-a-Sound book published by Publications International, Ltd. in 1999. This book tells a story of Superman’s exploits and features moments that cue the reader to press a button on the electronic sound board below the book. There are three sounds in all: 1) Superman saying “this is a job for Superman.”, 2) a flying sound effect and 3) people saying, “it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman!”

The cover was illustrated by…


Superman Cap Candy Spin Pop (2005)

This is a Superman Cap Candy Spin Pop released in 2005. The figural Superman was made by Hasbro and OddzOn Inc. and has a “Fresh Strawberry” Chupa Chupa lollypop in its head. The battery powered figure is designed so that…