GTO Design Studios Superman belt (2005)

This Superman belt, released in 2005, was produced by GTO Design Studios. The buckle is reminiscent of an automobile seatbelt buckle and features an ’S’ symbol. The belt is made of a thick woven nylon. The front side of the belt is blue while the other side is red.

LEE Superman children’s belt and buckle (1981)

Here is a Superman children’s belt and buckle produced in 1981 by LEE. The belt is elastic and printed with artwork of Superman flying through the clouds. The speech balloons say: “It’s a bird!” “It’s a plane!” “It’s SUPERMAN!” The buckle is made of brass and has an enameled ‘S’ symbol on its face.

Often, the belt portion will be lost and the buckle will be the only thing left in someone’s drawer. When these buckles end up on online auction sites…