Huckleberry Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Otaku Posters (2016)

Here is an unopened box of Huckleberry Otaku Posters sold in 2016.  Inside this box are two of sixteen possible mini-posters of the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Each mini-poster measures ten inches by 20 inches.


Jada Toys die cast Batman and Superman M9 version (2015)

Here is the two-pack of the Jada Toys, Inc. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice metal figures.  The figures are alternate versions featuring Superman with both arms up in a fighting pose and Batman in an all-black armored suit.

Barnes & Noble Batman v Superman Day signs and game card (2016)

Saturday, March 19th, 2016 was Batman v Superman Day at participating Barnes & Noble bookstores. During the officially sponsored Warner Bros. and DC Comics event, each attendee received a Batman v Superman game card with blank circles at the bottom. The objective was to go around to each “station” and answer trivia questions pertaining to that character. If the attendee got it right…