NJ Croce Action Bend-Deez! Superman 4-inch bendable figure (2018)

NJ Croce Co. Inc. has been churning out bendable figures for several years now. This is their Action Bend-Deez! wave of figures that have a completely original look as compared to their previous releases. Designed by artist Jason Meents, this bendable Superman figure stands at 4-inches tall and has a fabric cape.


Mego Bend ’n Flex Superman 5-inch bendable figure (1973)

This is a Mego Bend ’n Flex Superman bendable figure. Produced in 1973, this molded rubber figure is 5-inches tall and has wires within it that allow the figure’s limbs to be bent and moderately posed. The figure’s short cape is also…

Zimpli Kids Superman Kryptonite Green Gelli Baff and bendable figure (2016)

In 2016, the company Zimpli Kids produced this Superman Kryptonite Green Gelli Baff and bendable figure set. The “Gelli Baff” is a powder which, when added to bath water, turns it into bubbly goo. When you add the “dissolver” powder, the goo turns back into liquid and can be easily rinsed down the drain. The label says that the goo is biodegradable. The bendable figure is a re-release of the NJ Croce Superman figure produced in 2013. The figure is designed after…