Mattel Superman Returns UNO card game (2006)

Mattel’s now classic game of card elimination called UNO was created in 1971. This is a pack of UNO cards produced in 2006 that promoted the Warner Bros. motion picture Superman Returns. The cards feature numerous promotional images from the movie including shots of Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey, and Kate Bosworth.


Entertainment Weekly #883 (2006)

This issue of Entertainment Weekly was published right during the release of the motion picture Superman Returns in June of 2006. In addition to its interesting cover featuring a rarely seen image of Brandon Routh ripping open his jacket and shirt to reveal a very detailed look at the 3-D ’S’ symbol, the magazine contains a…

Superman Returns the Official Movie Adaptation comic (2006)

As it is with most comic book adaptations, the writers and artists are given early versions of the movie script, production photos, and (sometimes) footage to work with. This adaptation of the 2006 motion picture Superman Returns is no exception. The comic opens with what was the original open to the movie before being edited out. It mimics the intro to Superman: The Movie complete with…