“Breaking Chains” Superman glass mug (1978)

Produced in 1978 was this great Superman Glass Mug which features not only the Superman cover logo, but it also features the now classic image of Superman breaking chains designed by Neal Adams. The only other markings on the mug are TM & © DC Comics, Inc. 1978.


Warner Bros. Studio Store Superman bust bank (1997)

This Superman bust bank was sold exclusively at the Warner Bros. Studio Store back in 1997. One of the many products promoting Superman: The Animated Series, this bank stands at eight and a half inches tall, is made of vinyl, and depicts Superman in his often seen act of breaking chains.

Superman tin box (2000)

Produced in 2000 by the Tin Box Company, this is a lunchbox style Superman tin. The lid is embossed and features artwork of Superman breaking chains. Unlike the old Thermos lunch boxes…


Pepsi Superman placemat (1978)

In 1978, Pepsi released a series of laminated placemats of DC Comics super heroes. This is the Superman placemat featuring a bold image of Superman breaking chains. It is actually the very popular artwork of Neal Adams that was originally used on the cover of Superman number 233 in 1971 and again on many promotional material and products like the Amscan Super Friends Decorative Cutouts from 1976. On the back is…


Fisher Price imaginext DC Super Friends Kingdom Come Superman figure (2016)

Series two of the popular DC Super Friends three-inch figures features, what I think is, an unexpected and great addition to the line. Produced by Fisher Price under the imaginext brand is this Kingdom Come Superman figure. The figure has just three points of articulation, a cloth cape, and comes with…


Superman #50 (2nd Series) (1990)

Here is Superman number 50 (2nd series) published in 1990.  In this 48-page issue, Clark Kent confronts Lex Luthor and, later, Superman battles Mister Mxyzptlk who becomes… Grossman, a giant humanoid blob of goo while wearing the ʻG’ from the Galaxy Building.  Also appearing in this issue is The Guardian.  What makes this issue important, though, is that it is…


Funko Exclusive Legion of Collectors First Appearance Superman 3 3/4 inch figure (2017)

Included as part of the 2017 Legion of Collectors Superman box was this simply fantastic exclusive 3 3/4 inch First Appearance Superman action figure by Funko.  Years after the Funko owned company ReAction began making vintage Kenner style figures of various franchises, Funko pulls its name forward.  This time, however…