Metropolis Illinois magnet (breaking chains pose) (2000s)

Here is another collectible magnet from the Superman Celebration in Metropolis Illinois. This “Metropolis: Home of Superman” magnet measures 3-and-a-half inches high and features a variation of Neal Adams’ Superman breaking chains artwork above the title.


Super Friends Superman “breaking chains” pencil sharpener (1980)

Any fan and collector of the 1970s/1980s Super Friends cartoon series knows that the original merchandise from the show is greatly treasured since some are hard to find in pristine condition.  Here is a great Super Friends pencil sharpener produced in 1980.  The actual sharpener is…

Super Friends Sneakers card (1974)

DC Comics and Hanna-Barbera licensed specific merchandising as tie-ins to the hit 1970s Saturday morning cartoon Super Friends. One of those items was Super Friends Sneakers in 1974. This is an insert card that came with the box of sneakers featuring the artwork of…