Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #1 (1995)

Here is the first issue of Superman: The Man of Tomorrow published in 1995. With the tagline “A Return to Greatness”, Superman has long since returned from the dead and has been restored to “full power” (as it was at that point in the 1990s).

In the story, Superman discovers something strange about…


Superman: The Man of Steel #1 (1991)

Published in 1991, this is the first issue of Superman: The Man of Steel. The issue was written by Louise Simonson – pencilled by Jon Bogdanove, Tom Grummett, Bob McLeod and Dan Jurgens – Inked by Dennis Janke, Jerry Ordway, Bob McLeod and Brett Breeding – with colorists Glenn Whitmore.

There is a scene in this issue where Superman…

Superman #75 (2nd Series) Death of Superman in mylar bag (1993) – signed by Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding

Although a mylar bagged version of the Superman number 75, which features the famous/infamous story of the Death of Superman, can still be found in bargain bins all across the nation, I was fortunate enough to acquire…