Hasbro Winner’s Circle NASCAR Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 1/64th scale car (1998)

Here’s a Winner’s Circle NASCAR 1/64th scale car. Released by Hasbro in 1998, this is a replica of the vehicle that was driven by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. during the cross-promotion with the Superman character. The die cast car comes with a photo trading card of Dale Earnhardt, Jr.


Squatz DC Universe Superman Battle Pack (2010)

Here’s an unusual product from Wild Planet Entertainment. This is a Squatz DC Universe Superman Battle Pack. Each figurine is contained in a white hardened substance that dissolves in warm water to reveal the figurine hidden inside. The figure on the left in this pack is of Superman and the figure on the right is a mystery hero or villain. Once dissolved, the heads can be…

Hot Wheels Hero Cycles Superman Vehicle (2006)

In addition to the vast Superman Returns movie merchandise that flooded stores in 2006, there were other regular Superman collectibles available as well.  One example is this Hot Wheels Hero Cycles Superman Vehicle.  This was not just a repaint of an old vehicle.  This was a completely new…