Hallmark Superman Christmas tree ornament (2017)

Hallmark has long been one of the pinnacles of ornament making companies. For many years now, they have had licenses to create ornaments of many comic book characters. This cute Superman Christmas tree ornament was produced in 2017 and is a welcomed addition to my Superman collection.

BOOTLEG: Headrest Bag Hangers – China (2018*)

This is a pair of “Qui Che Gua Gou”, or “car hooks”, that can be hooked around a headrest post and allows you to hang a bag on the lower hook up to 3 kg (about 6-and-a-half pounds) in weight. Apparently, the hooks come in various characters. These are clearly meant to represent Superman.

Dorbz Superman Vinyl Collectible (2017)

As if Funko hasn’t had enough phenomenal success with their Pop figures, they also produce a completely different line of cutesy collectibles called Dorbz. Here is number 407 in its long list. This Superman figurine is made of vinyl and has a hefty ’S’ curl on its forehead. These figures are designed without actual legs but are painted to look as if they do.It may not seem like it, but these figures are balanced to stand on their own perfectly.

Sandylion DC Comics series sticker 2 (2017)

This is a 4-inch x 2.5-inch sheet of Superman stickers by Sandylion. Produced in 2017, this is the second in a series of ten (the first of which is Batman) that could be found in vending machines. The sheet features three stickers with cute versions of Superman on them.

Puffs Justice League facial tissue 3-pack (2018)

This is a 2018 3-pack of Puffs facial tissue with cute Justice League designs on the boxes. The first box features Batman and his logo. The second box features the Justice League logo and the Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman on the end with various logos of Justice League heroes. The third box features numerous Justice League characters including The Flash, Green Lantern and Cyborg.

Radz Superman candy dispenser (2018)

This is a Superman candy dispenser produced by Radz II, LLC., a division of Excell Brands Company in Des Moines, Iowa. The dispenser has a removable head of molded plastic “hair” that reveals an opening to load the included candy in. Once the “hair” is replaced, you can slide the hair backward to dispense the candy which comes out of the figure’s mouth when it opens to reveal the candy sitting on its tongue. The dispenser also has…

Nikko DC Super Friends Remote Control Superman vehicle (2016)

As part of the DC Super Friends line, this Remote Control Superman vehicle was produced in 2016 by Nikko, a division of Toy State. This toy car, measuring slightly over six-inches in length, features an infrared remote and working headlights. It also has a button on its hood in the shape of an ’S’ symbol that lights up when pressed and changes…