Jada Toys Metalfigs Justice League Superman M541 version (2017)

Here is a die-cast metal Justice League movie Superman figurine produced by Jada Toys under their “Metalfigs” line. The figurine stands at 2.5 inches tall and has a metallic paint finish to the blue costume.

Jada Toys die-cast Superman figurine DC52 version (2018)

Here is another miniature Superman figurine from Jada Toys. Produced in 2018 as part of the line of Nano Metalfigs, this is the Justice League movie version (labeled as DC52) in a dynamic action pose featuring a facsimile of Henry Cavill’s suit.

Corgi Juniors Daily Planet helicopter (1979)

Here is another one of my favorite Superman collectibles that, oddly enough, doesn’t feature Superman anywhere on it.

This is a Corgi Juniors Daily Planet helicopter that was released in 1979 as part of the Corgi Juniors line of DC Comics related vehicles. Made in Great Britain, this is a 1:64th scale red helicopter with stickers on both sides that say…

Matchbox DC Super Friends Play & Learn vehicle set (2008)

Released as part of the line of DC Super Friends toys was this Matchbox Play & Learn vehicle set. Produced in 2008, this set of vehicles included a Batcopter, a Flash Pontiac car, a Superman Ford Crown Victoria Police Car (which is the same base police car used in the 2006 Superman Returns set), a Green Lantern (John Stewart) Chevy Van, and…