Party Express Superman Party Rings (2006)

Released in 2006 by Party Express, a division of Hallmark, was this 4-pack of party rings. Each ring is generically molded in red plastic and the rings are not sizable. On their faces are stickers of ’S’ symbols on a yellow field. The yellow portion of the sticker glows in the dark.


Crayola Art With Edge Justice League Coloring Pages (2016)

This Art With Edge Justice League Coloring Pages pack was produced in 2016 by Crayola, a division of the Hallmark company. It contains thirty pages of artwork featuring the cast of the New 52 Justice League and others. The cover features a bold image of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, but there are many other members of the Justice League and villains on the pages within including…

Hallmark Superman Thumb Wrestlers (2006)

Hallmark has always been known for their unique ornaments and figurines. They also have long had a line of party favors and accessories. This is a four-pack of Superman Thumb Wrestlers produced by Party Express, a Hallmark brand. These blue hard rubber molded half-figures have…

Hallmark Signature Superman Father’s Day greeting card (2016)

Ordinarily, Clark Kent “shirt rips” are common among last minute costumers on Halloween. A greeting card company, however, has brought the idea to Father’s Day… and it’s everything but ordinary.

This 2016 Hallmark Signature greeting card is one of the most unique I’ve seen in quite some time. the ‘S’ symbol card is covered in white fabric which mimics an opened shirt complete with…