McDonald’s Happy Meal – Justice League Action Superman/Wonder Woman Magnetic Grabber (2018)

Here’s an unopened McDonald’s Happy Meal toy promoting the Justice League Action animated series in 2018. This Superman/Wonder Woman Magnetic Grabber is designed to be a shared character toy meaning that it can either be decorated in Superman stickers or Wonder Woman stickers (or both if you prefer). The plastic “horseshoe” tip contains two magnets. When you extend the telescoping arm…

McDonald’s Happy Meal Justice League Action box (2018)

The popular animated series Justice League Action was featured in McDonald’s Happy Meal toys in 2018. This is an unused Happy Meal box that was given out at the time. The box features the character artwork of Superman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batman, Batgirl, and The Flash. There is also an ad on it encouraging kids to ask their parent’s permission to download the McPlay app which allowed you to “create your own comic.”