Hasbro Winner’s Circle NASCAR Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 1/64th scale car (1998)

Here’s a Winner’s Circle NASCAR 1/64th scale car. Released by Hasbro in 1998, this is a replica of the vehicle that was driven by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. during the cross-promotion with the Superman character. The die cast car comes with a photo trading card of Dale Earnhardt, Jr.


Hasbro Super Powers The Adventures of Superman Listen ’n Look Book (1984)

This is a fantastic book that was distributed by Hasbro during the Super Powers Collection era.  This book, titled The Adventures of Superman, covers the origin of the character from being rocketed from Krypton, to being Superboy, and growing up to be Superman.  The story then changes to an adventure where Superman catches bank robbers and traces their radio signal to meet…