PEZ Justice League Superman dispenser (2017)

Here is a Justice League movie Superman PEZ dispenser. This carded package contains a Superman dispenser, in the loose likeness of Henry Cavill, and three packs of candy. The dispenser is basically taken from the same mold as used for PEZ’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice product in new packaging. The others available at the time were Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman.


Hot Wheels Justice League Character Cars Superman vehicle (2016)

Produced in 2016 as part of the marketing for the motion picture Justice League was this great looking Hot Wheels Character Cars vehicle. The 1/64th scale die-cast car is called a “racer” and is an all original design that’s stylish and has a sculpted back portion that resembles a flowing red cape. The blue paint job has fine detail that mimics the design on Henry Cavill’s Superman suit. The card that the car is on displays…

Mattel Justice League Superman Snap & Wear-it Hero Set (2017)

This Superman Snap & Wear-it Hero Set is part of a line of “Action Gear” sets available from Mattel. This set, which is a tie-in with the 2017 motion picture Justice League, contains an ’S’ symbol which can be worn on a T-Shirt by placing a magnetic piece on the back side of the shirt. The symbol is…