Kenner Superman: Man of Steel Massacre and Full Assault Superman figures (1995)

This is a two-pack of Kenner’s 1995 Superman: Man of Steel line. It features the villain Massacre and Full Assault Superman. This figure set comes with an exclusive Superman: Man of Steel comic book titled “Target: Superman”. As with the whole line, it is meant for people ages 4 and up.


Kenner X-Ray Vision Superman figure (1996)

Another toy in conjunction with the promotion of Superman: The Animated Series was this X-Ray Vision Superman figure. Produced in 1996 by Kenner, this figure was painted bright red and yellow and came with a reversible safe and a toy set of dynamite which could fit inside the safe. One side of the safe looked normal, but…

Kenner JLA Superman Red figure (1998)

In 1998, Kenner released this Superman Red figure at the same time as their Superman Blue figure. This was a new addition to the line that was produced (along with several re-released figures from Kenner’s Total Justice from 1996) under the banner of JLA (Justice League of America). The figure came with…