7-Eleven Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Slurpee cups (1987)

Here is the entire set of eight 7-Eleven Slurpee cups that promoted the 1987 motion picture Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. The series of cups contain 1) Superman, 2) Lois Lane, 3) Daily Planet Staff, 4) Nuclear Man, 5) Lacy Warfield, 6) Lenny, 7) Lois and Superman, and 8) Nuclear Man and Lacy.


Superman comic strip #177 (1943)

Superman’s comic strip run began in 1939 and continued until 1966. This is an actual half page from a 1943 Superman comic strip (number 177) with art by Wayne Boring. The story, entitled Hollywood Victory Caravan, tells the tale of a group of Hollywood actors who travel from city to city and raise money to help fund the United States during World War II. During a bus tour…

Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #100 (1970)

Here is a copy of Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane number 100 cover dated April 1970. In this issue, Lois is tried for the murder of Lana Lang in a story called “Lois Lane’s Last Mile”. Batman takes the position of Lois’ attorney and Superman questions Lois on the stand. As the plot unfolds, the reader discovers that…