Imaginings 3 Superman Pop Pals Lollipop and figurine (2006)

Here’s another candy treat from 2006. Imaginings 3 released this Superman Pop Pals Lollipop which has an artificially flavored watermelon candy. Within its clear plastic handle is a Superman figurine in a heroic pose.


Flix Candy Superman Pop Ups (2016)

This is a Flix Candy Superman Pop Ups that was released in 2016. It is a toy that contains one watermelon lollypop. To access the lollypop, a consumer pushes up a lever on the side of the handle which causes the head to split open in half as the lollypop is raised up.

Flix Candy was also successful in obtaining the rights to Disney characters which, of course, includes many Marvel characters. This line of DC Comics characters were modeled after the New 52 designs as is evident on the label and by the thin red collar band on this dispenser.