WEG Daily Planet Guide to Metropolis (2000)

This is a copy of The Daily Planet Guide to Metropolis: The City of Tomorrow published by WEG in 2000. This book is a wealth of creative knowledge about the city. From the general history of Metropolis to the intricacies of businesses and buildings like Bessolo Bistro, Kurtzberg Bakery, Shuster Hall, Centennial Hotel, the Newstime building, and many, many others. There are numerous other mentions of locations throughout the city like Perez Park, Maggin Gardens, Metropolis Overstreet Mall, and many more.


Superman Metropolis Secret Files #1 (2000)

This issue of Superman Metropolis Secret Files #1, cover dated June 2000, is chock-full of stories, art, and information about the world of Superman and Metropolis as it was at at the end of the 20th century. The B13 virus was still in full effect throughout the city. There’s a story called…

Hot Wheels Hero Cycles Superman Vehicle (2006)

In addition to the vast Superman Returns movie merchandise that flooded stores in 2006, there were other regular Superman collectibles available as well.  One example is this Hot Wheels Hero Cycles Superman Vehicle.  This was not just a repaint of an old vehicle.  This was a completely new…