Jada Toys die-cast Superman figurine DC3 version (2017)

Jada Toys, makers of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Metal Figs, released wave 1 of a series of miniature figurines called Nano Metalfigs. This is a Superman diecast figurine that is number DC3 in the series and, according to the art on the card, the figurine is based on the “rebirth” universe.

Mattel DC Super Heroes Justice League Unlimited Superman diecast figurine (2007)

In 2007, about a year after the animated series Justice League Unlimited was cancelled, Mattel released a series of die cast figurines under the line called DC Super Heroes Metal Collection. This Superman figurine was first in a line that included Batman, The Atom, Green Arrow, Dr. Fate, Wonder Woman and others. The figure stands at just under three inches tall and is on…