1/6th scale Kirk Alyn Superman (UnleashedViper) figure (2019)

This is an unofficial Kirk Alyn Superman (blue/gray and burgundy version) 1/6th figure produced in 2019 by UnleashedViper Customs Creations in the Philippines. The head sculpt by Jho Artworks is phenomenal! Their work on the costume included some amazing work on the sweater-like sleeves. The boots were flocked…


Wal-Mart Man of Steel Premiere Night ticket stubs (2013)

In preparation for the opening of the 2013 motion picture Man of Steel, Wal-Mart offered special Premiere Night tickets to see the film. Here are three of the ticket stubs which feature a bold image of Henry Cavill as Superman. The middle stub still has the lower portion attached which means it was never used.

Superman Unbound DVD (2013)

Released in May of 2013, this is a DVD copy of the DC Universe animated movie Superman Unbound. In this film, Superman does battle with a new foe known as Brainiac, who is traversing space to collect cities in bottles and then destroy their planets. On Earth Superman, and his teen cousin Supergirl, protect Earth from the coming threat.