Enesco “My ‘Man of Steel’” Superman ceramic mug (1987)

Made in Korea for Enesco Imports in 1987 was this great “My ‘Man of Steel’” ceramic mug. The artwork of Superman (which is duplicated on both sides, divided by an ’S’ symbol) is by the legendary Jose Garcia Lopez, the man responsible for many of the late 1970s and early 1980s promotional artwork for DC Comics. At the inside rim of the mug are the words: My “Man of Steel”.


Silver Buffalo “It Tickles” Superman ceramic mug (2012)

Produced under license in 2012 by Silver Buffalo, LLC. was this Superman “It Tickles” mug. This black glazed ceramic mug was designed with the cover of Superman number 32 from 1939 where Superman is struck with electricity as he says, “It tickles!” The cover art was done by the legendary Wayne Boring.