Limited Collectors’ Edition vol. 4 no. C-38 Superman (1975)

DC Comics was all about publishing these great treasury sized books back in the day. This is a copy of Limited Collectors’ Edition vol. 4 no. C-38 which presents Superman. This wonderful book contains reprints of several Superman stories of previous eras, drawing lessons, a pin-up of Superman drawn by…


Metropolis Illinois magnet (breaking chains pose) (2000s)

Here is another collectible magnet from the Superman Celebration in Metropolis Illinois. This “Metropolis: Home of Superman” magnet measures 3-and-a-half inches high and features a variation of Neal Adams’ Superman breaking chains artwork above the title.

Amazing World of Superman Exhibition poster (1973)

In 1972, Metropolis Illinois obtained rights from DC Comics to officially declare their town “The Home of Superman.” They had big plans at the time which included a multi-million dollar “Amazing World of Superman” theme park that would have featured a 200-foot-tall Superman statue. The following year, Metropolis hosted a grand event which featured a model and drawings of…