Topps Superman: The Movie trading card packet (series 1) (1978)

This is an unopened packet of Superman: The Movie trading cards.  Produced by Topps in 1978, the entire set of series one cards totaled seventy-seven and also came with great silver “foil” stickers.  On the backs of some of the cards were sections of larger images that, when placed together, created a larger image from the film.  The packet contains…


Jelly Belly Superman Superhero Mix packet (2016)

First released in 2016, this Jelly Belly Superman Superhero Mix packet contains one ounce of “sparkling jelly beans” in various flavors. The packaging features an image of the New 52 Superman flying away from the Daily Planet building.

Superman Mega Mega Magnet (2014)

Released by PopFun Merchandising LLC in 2014, this Superman Mega Mega Magnet measures at five and a half inches in length. The magnet features a sculpted image of Superman flying taken after art by…