Rooftop Brands RC Flying Superman (2016)

Here is a motion control RC Flying Superman produced by Rooftop Brands in 2016. It comes with a “chibi” style Superman figure that has rotors coming out of its head. Included in the box is a wireless hand-held remote controller in the shape of an ’S’ symbol that has no physical controls. Instead, the operator can move the controller up, down left, or right and can guide the flying figure wherever they desire. The box specifies that the RC Superman is to be used indoors only and can be charged by using a USB cable.

Nikko DC Super Friends Remote Control Superman vehicle (2016)

As part of the DC Super Friends line, this Remote Control Superman vehicle was produced in 2016 by Nikko, a division of Toy State. This toy car, measuring slightly over six-inches in length, features an infrared remote and working headlights. It also has a button on its hood in the shape of an ’S’ symbol that lights up when pressed and changes…