TV Guide ABC All-Star Saturday ad (1978)

This is an ad for the ABC All-Star Saturday line-up from the issue of TV Guide for the week of September, 23, 1978. First up at 6:30 am (wow… that’s early) Scooby Doo, Where Are You? was on the air. Next was the wacky werewolf Fangface at 7 am. At 7:30 am, the members of the Justice League battle the Legion of Doom on Challenge of the Superfriends.


Amscan Super Friends Decorative Cutouts (1976)

Here is a packet of decorative Super Friends wall cutouts of DC Comics heroes. Made in Denmark for Amscan Incorporated and released in 1976, the packet contained four cardboard decorations featuring Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin and a Super Friends group shot with…

Super Friends Special #1 (1981)

In this double issue of Super Friends Special number 1, the first story deals with Gleek being abducted by a villain named the Menagerie Man who uses animals to steal. After several pages of fun games, puzzles and drawing, story number two begins and tells the tale of…