McDonald’s Happy Meal Justice League Action box (2018)

The popular animated series Justice League Action was featured in McDonald’s Happy Meal toys in 2018. This is an unused Happy Meal box that was given out at the time. The box features the character artwork of Superman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batman, Batgirl, and The Flash. There is also an ad on it encouraging kids to ask their parent’s permission to download the McPlay app which allowed you to “create your own comic.”

Superman Unbound DVD (2013)

Released in May of 2013, this is a DVD copy of the DC Universe animated movie Superman Unbound. In this film, Superman does battle with a new foe known as Brainiac, who is traversing space to collect cities in bottles and then destroy their planets. On Earth Superman, and his teen cousin Supergirl, protect Earth from the coming threat.

Action Comics #500 (1979)

Welcome to the 500th Superman Collectible on this WordPress site!

In celebration, here is a copy of Action Comics number 500 published in 1979. It features a dynamic cover by Ross Andrew and Dick Giordano. On the cover are Superman, Lois Lane, and Supergirl referring to copy of the 500th issue. These types of covers are known as “infinity covers” since they appear to go on forever. The issue itself contains…

2006 San Diego Comic Con Stamp Cancellation and Lithograph (2006)

In 2006, the United States Postal Service offered DC Comics superhero stamps. Back during the 2006 San Diego Comic Con you could purchase a DC Comics envelope with a special “First Day of Issue” stamp cancellation. It also came with a fantastic lithograph of various DC characters. This is a cancellation of a Green Arrow stamp with a Superman lithograph featuring the artwork of Jose Garcia Lopez.

The DC Comics Encyclopedia (2016)

Here is the 2016 edition of the DC Comics Encyclopedia.  This very heavy hardcover book contains artwork and facts of over one-thousand DC Comics characters.  The cover, and much of the art within, is focused on the DC Comics Rebirth continuity and even features…

Mattel DC Universe Infinite Heroes Crisis Series 3-pack #3 (2008)

In the mid to late 2000s, Mattel produced a line of DC Comics figures under the DC Universe title. The four-inch figures were boasted a wide range of characters from the world of DC. This three-pack included Superman, Supergirl, and Wonder Girl (Cassandra “Cassie” Sandsmark). The back of the packaging featured “The Monitor Files” of each character in the set which were statistics.

It appeared as though these figures were an answer to Hasbro’s Marvel figures which were at about the same scale. Sadly, the big difference between them was…

SFX Magazine October 2016 issue (2016)

Although not found anywhere on the cover, this October 2016 issue of SFX magazine featured a mini article covering the season 2 premiere of the CW television series Supergirl. There were other magazines that covered the second season of the series, but this is the first known magazine to have featured…