BOOTLEG: “Super Hero” figure set – China (2004*)

Here is a carded Super Hero figure and accessory set from China. The set features figures of Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and The Hulk. The Superman figure comes with an alien looking rifle that presumably can shoot a dart. Batman, sadly, has no accessories unless, of course, the blue alien looking backpack thing was intended for him. Spider-Man has a red rubber web and Hulk has a huge futuristic automatic rifle.

Both the Superman and Batman figures are re-sculpts that were clearly loosely based on…


BOOTLEG: “Avengers” Cord Holders – China (2015)

Direct from China are these bootleg “Avengers” Cord Holders designed to keep cords nice and neat. Simply coil cords and wrap them with the holders as the magnets keep the coils together.

The character design on these holders is clearly that of Superman with a…