Echo Bridge Home Entertainment Superman cartoon DVD with tin box (2009)

Here is a tin box produced by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment that contains two DVDs. The first DVD features ten Fleischer Superman cartoons from 1941 and 1942. The second DVD contains eighteen classic public domain cartoons.


Vandor Superman metal waste container (C. 2002)

This Superman metal waste container (or wastepaper basket) was manufactured by Vandor. The wrap-around graphic design features Superman flying above a stylized Superman logo. Wrapped completely around the basket is a graphical representation of Daily Planet newspaper clippings about Superman’s exploits.

Schyling Superman tin phone booth bank (2001)

This Schyling Superman tin phone booth bank, sold in 2001, stands at 8.5 inches tall. The easily removable lid has a slot in it where you can deposit either coins or bills. What makes this bank so interesting is that there is different artwork on all four sides sequentially showing…

Whitman’s assorted chocolates Superman tins (1998)

The popular chocolate company Whitman’s produced these 1 3/4 ounce tin boxes of assorted chocolates back in 1998. The tins came in two styles. One was a blue tin with a Superman ’S’ symbol on it and the other was an image of Superman flying in the style of artist Bruce Timm. This was a tie-in to the then running Superman: The Animated Series. Each tin of chocolates was sold separately.

Superman tin box (2000)

Produced in 2000 by the Tin Box Company, this is a lunchbox style Superman tin. The lid is embossed and features artwork of Superman breaking chains. Unlike the old Thermos lunch boxes…