Dr. Fresh Firefly Justice League Superman LightUp Timer toothbrush (2011)

Here’s a great Firefly LightUp Timer toothbrush made by Dr. Fresh in 2011. Unlike some if their later versions, these toothbrushes have specifically sculpted characters as their handles. When you push the button on the ’S’ symbol, red lights flash throughout the handle all the way up to…


Colgate Superman electric toothbrush (2006)

This Colgate Superman Electric Toothbrush was produced in 2006.The oscillating brushes are made of extra soft bristles and the housing contains two Energizer AAA batteries.  The handle features…

Violife Superman Sonic Toothbrush (2016)

This Violife Superman Sonic Toothbrush, produced in 2016, features a motorized base, two brush heads, and one AAA battery.  The package claims that the motor is capable of producing 22,000 brush strokes per minute.  The base has an ’S’ symbol while the upper case cover displays great scenes from vintage Superman comicbooks.