Harper Superman: Attack of the Toyman storybook (2012)

Superman battles the deadly technological playthings of Toyman in this storybook titled “Superman: Attack of the Toyman” from Harper Festival, a subsidiary of Harper Collins Publishers. Published in 2012, the story deals with Toyman’s obsession with tormenting the toy companies that…

Inchworm Press Superman Read-Along Book and Tape Set “Toy Trouble” (1998)

Carrying on the tradition of book and record/tape sets, Inchworm Press produced this one in 1998. Superman: Toy Trouble tells the tale of the dastardly villain Toyman and his “Pocket Locket Patrol Pets” who are out to do Winslow Shott’s bidding… steal! The “Patrol Pets” are tiny robotic turtles who stop at nothing to steal wallets, jewelry, and anything else they can get their metallic hands on.